NutriJets portable blender user guide manual illustration
NutriJets portable blenders in a variety of colors

NUTRIJET GEN-2 Features —

  • 12 amazing colors  
  • rechargeable 
  • carrying strap 
  • 6-point stainless steel blades
  • USB-C charging port 
  • extra capacity (14-oz)
  • self-cleaning
  • embedded magnetic safety ( container jar & base must be aligned to turn the blender on)

The impressive features of the Nutrijet Portable blender are the durability and convenience it boosts to our users. from its ability to self-clean just add a couple of drops of soap, some water, and blend for a cycle and viola hassle-free cleaning. to its powerful and rechargeable motor allowing our users to basically take it anywhere their heart desires!!! gym? yes, to work? absolutely,  on a road trip? you betcha, poolside drinks? sign us up too.
the feature of the NutriJet portable blender is the freedom it gives us to take our health and nutrition back with ease, cutting the cord and mess of a traditional bulky blender gives us ease of mind especially when we are just wanting a personal blender. 

NutriJet rechargeable blender boasts 33% more power than gen-1  with upgraded 6-point stainless steel blades, which creates a tornado-like effect mixing all ingredients smoothly.

USB-C charging port —
nutrijets portable blender when fully charged gets 15+ blends.  when needing to recharge again just plug it into any compatible USB device such as a car charger, computer device, or wall outlet. (charging cable is included) 

self-cleaning —
one of the best features of NutriJets portable blender is how easy it is to clean. after I’m finished with my smoothie or shake I just add a couple of drops of soap and some water and turn it on for one cycle it literally spins itself clean then I just rinse off and let it air dry. 

mixed drinks, cocktails & margaritas —
being your own bartender has never been any easier. Make your own slushy margaritas right at home or by the poolside.  checkout out our recipe page for more frozen mixed drinks recipes.

protein shakes —
blend up flavorful protein shakes in seconds with a Nutrijet blender.  I like to add a banana and some peanut butter to my protein shake when I head to the gym, it just gives me that extra flavor rather than the plain protein powder. best of all I get a smooth & creamy shake every time with no dry clumps. 

12- amazing colors —
Nutrijets travel blender comes in an array of awesome colors to choose from.  What’s your favorite color?