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For many people, weight loss can be a challenge and can be very intimidating. It is very important to maintain a healthy weight but also one that you are happy with. One of the most important things to us here at Nutrijets is to help people achieve their ideal weight goals, as well as live healthier lifestyle. We want to give your body an easy way to stay nourished and satisfied but make sure it is done in a healthy way. stave off sugary cravings and dropping a few pounds has never been any easier. Our solution is simple, We have created healthy smoothie recipe options that are easy to make meal replacements on the go. All you need is a few fresh ingredients, a Nutrijet portable blender, and you will have a tasty smoothie in seconds. forget about the messy clean up too, NutriJets portable blender literally cleans itself. Just add a couple drops of soap and some water, blend for one cycle and rinse off. Viola, hassle free cleaning!!!! 

Let us help you or anyone you know resist unhealthy sugary food options and greasy fast food. Try some of these recipes on your next meal break

Mojito & Pineapple Smoothie 🍹
Best Breakfast Smoothie
Tropical Paradise Smoothie 🌴

healthier nutrition & maximize your metabolism

An important thing in weight loss is to maintain a healthy metabolism and not to miss meals. We know this can sometimes be difficult when you do not have time to make meals or are not sure what to make. If you miss meals, it will eventually aid in slowing your metabolism. This is the opposite of what you want. Nutrijet rechargeable blender makes it easy and quick to create meals on the go. This is why we recommend trying one of our simple and easy on the go blender recipes. Small meals spread out is a healthy alternative. along with the help of our insulated tote bag accessory, packing your portable blender with frozen fruit till your next meal break is perfect for having a fresh frozen smoothie. When you want something more than a smoothie check out some of our healthy salad dressing recipes. Feel free to put these on any fruits or vegetables of your choosing.

healthy ranch Dressing 🥗
Guacamole Dip 🥑
Hummus Dip

A great feature of the Nutrijet travel blender is its ability to be converted into a to-go cup. another great feature is for athletes is its ability to replace the traditional shaker bottle. 
nutrijets frost white blender Check us out on social media “@Nutrijetsblender” for more recipes. Also, feel free to share some of yours with us.