nutrijets portable blenders with fruits

Nutrijets blender is a rechargeable and portable blender that utilizes a USB – C charging port. A full charge on our rechargeable blender allows up to 15 + blends, and the best part is that you can recharge your NutriJets Blender from anywhere. Weather You are at home, in your car, or from your computer. Anywhere that has a USB port you can plug in and Charge your NutriJet Blender.

12 shades of color for everyone

Nutrijets Portable Blender is a sleek and attractive blender that takes the saying “the sky is the limit” to a whole new level. Traditional blenders usually come in 1-2 colors, NutriJets Portable Blender Comes in 12 awesome crushing colors. Get your favorite color while supplies last for the upcoming holidays exclusively at

Blending for any kind of recipe in seconds

frozen lattes
protein shakes
dips & dressings
herbs & spices
the list is endless


Nutrijet portable blender Weighs in at just under 2 pounds, can easily be taken anywhere without any hassle. To add to the convenience of our portable blender, Nutrijets boosts a conversion cup. For those who wish to take the base of the blender off and carry the bottle on the go.
when you are done making your smoothie or protein shake you can detach the bottom base and turn it into a to-go bottle.

nutrijets frost white blender

The Nutrijets gen 2.0 boosts and upgraded 6-point stainless steel blades to blend through almost anything. The upgraded blade design ensures to blend through frozen fruit and ice with ease.

NutriJets Portable Blender was made for ease of cleaning in mind.  a drop of soap and some water, Blend for 1 cycle, rinse with some water and done, you are ready to create another blended creation!!!

The Nutrijets Portable Blender reinvents making smoothies, protein shakes, frozen lattes, dips, milkshakes, guacamole, hummus and so much more on the go. all you have to worry about is what will you blend next. Nutrijets portable blender is small and compact yet boosts big blender power, can easily be stored in your bookbag, carry-on luggage, or even your purse.

with many of us who live busy lives and not always having time to meal prep or make a healthy meal, here at NutriJets we wanted to help solve that. All you need is to place your favorite frozen ingredients in your rechargeable blender and take it with you to work, come on a lunch break you will have yourself a ready meal replacement in seconds. Athletes love our Portable blender too, allowing them to flavor up their protein shakes with fruits and vegetables and leaving a clump-free and smooth protein shake that is packed with flavor and nutrition. 

Now is the time to start getting back to the healthier you. get your new Nutrijets portable blender today. We are selling out fast but we are doing our best to re-stock to ensure everyone has an opportunity to order their favorite Nutrijet Portable blender color blender.